Academic Finance Journals



Publication is very important in academia, and the raking of the journals is important. In order to get accepted into prestigious journals it is often important to have presented the paper at prestigious conferences. In this post I will try to summarize the top journals and conferences in finance.

The “Top 3” Journals

The top three academic journals in the field of finance, often referred to as the “Top 3” finance journals, are generally considered to be:

  1. Journal of Finance: Published six time per year by the American Finance Association, this is one of the oldest and most prestigious journals in the field. It covers a broad range of topics, including corporate finance, investments, capital and security markets, and quantitative methods of particular relevance to financial researchers.

  2. Journal of Financial Economics (JFE): This journal focuses on empirical and theoretical work that advances our understanding of financial decision-making and the behavior of financial markets. It is considered a highly prestigious venue for financial research, and is published monthly.

  3. Review of Financial Studies (RFS): Published monthly by the Society for Financial Studies, this journal is known for its high-quality, academically rigorous articles covering a wide range of topics in finance, from corporate finance to market microstructure.

Choosing to submit your work to these journals can be both challenging and rewarding, given their highly competitive selection processes. However, a successful submission can catapult your research into the limelight, paving the way for future academic endeavors and career growth.

Table of top finance journals

Rank Journal Name Description
1 Journal of Finance Covers a broad range of topics including corporate
finance, investments, and quantitative methods.    
2 Journal of Financial Economics Focuses on empirical and theoretical work related to
financial markets and decision-making.    
3 Review of Financial Studies Publishes research across the entire spectrum of
finance, known for its academic rigor and innovation.    
4 Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Known for high-quality, theoretical and
empirical works in finance and economics.    
5 Journal of Corporate Finance Focuses specifically on corporate finance, including
topics like mergers and acquisitions.    
6 Journal of Banking & Finance Covers topics related to banking, finance, and risk
7 Journal of Monetary Economics Focuses on issues related to money and economics,
including asset pricing and monetary theory.    
8 Financial Management Covers topics like investment theory, asset allocation,
and corporate finance.    
9 Journal of Financial Intermediation Explores topics related to financial institutions,
financial markets, and risk.    
10 Review of Finance Covers a broad range of topics in finance and aims to
provide a European view on empirical and theoretical work.    

Finance Conferences

General Finance: | Conference | Usual Timing | Typical Application Deadline | Difficulty Level | |————-|————–|—————————–|——————| | AFA (American Finance Association) Annual Meeting | January | Previous March 15th | High | | EFMA (European Financial Management Association) Annual Meetings | June | Previous January 15th | Medium | | WFA (Western Finance Association) Annual Meeting | June | Previous November | High | | FMA (Financial Management Association) Annual Meeting | October | Previous May | Medium | | NFA (Northern Finance Association) Conference | September | Previous April | Medium | | Midwest Finance Association Annual Meeting | March | Previous October | Medium | | EFA (European Finance Association) Annual Meeting | August | Previous February | High |