Arch Maintenance


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Arch is a rolling release distro meaning that there are updates often every day. In order to have a properly functioning system you need to maintain and update your system regularly. Although, it is easy enough to run,

sudo pacman -Syu

to upgrade/update your system, there are best practices. Since, the Arch repo includes the latest versions of programs, occasionally one can have issues with dependencies. E.g., one application might require a version .X.2 of a program, but that program is now updated to .X.3. Thus, there are scenarios where a system update can break your system.

Best practices

Problems and how to fix them

You can check if there are any failed systemd services with,

systemctl --failed

and you can look for errors in the logs located at /var/log and errors with systemd journal,

journalctl -p 3 -b