ACM LaTeX Template



The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an umbrella organization for academic computer science. It is the world’s largest educational organization with around 100,000 members. ACM sponsors many conferences including EC: Economics and Computation, ACM CCS Workshop on Decentralized Finance and Security and The Web Conference (WWW). ACM also publishes over 50 journals including Distributed Ledger Technologies: Research and Practice (DLT) and ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation.

SIGecon is an ACM special interest group that focuses on the intersection of economics and computer science.

LaTeX Template

Manuscripts submitted to any of the ACM journals or conferences must be formatted using the ACM LaTeX template. The template alternates the document such that it can more easily be organized in the “Digital Library” by metadata. There is an extensive guide for the LaTeX typesetting class for the ACM publications.

There is an approved list of accepted packages to ensure full compatibility.

ACM has partnered with and has a version of their template on Overleaf.


The acmart package is included in the most common LaTeX distributions such as TeXLive or MikTeX.

There are a number of documentclass-options such as reviewer mode, anonymous authors and double versus single column format. A potentially useful option is “nonacm” which will use the class typesetting options for a non-ACM document, which will not include the conference/journal header and footers or permission statements.

Reference formatting

The ACM template unfortunately uses natbib which is not compatible with BibLaTeX only with BibTeX. However there is a solution to turn this off in the documentclass options by natbib=false.

Add CCS Concepts to tex file

The ACM Computing Classification System helps readers find and search for your work. CCS Concepts are added to your document by including the code from the CCS page in your tex file.