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Journal of Financial Economics

Editor: Toni Whited

Top 3 advice to junior faculty:

A paper is ready to send in for publishing when you do not get more comments on it. If you are not invited to give a lot of seminars, then send your paper out for comments. I also leave a paper alone for a few months, because you need to get some perspective, and you often change things when you pick it up again. Do this once or twice. Rewrite the papers, five or six times.

What makes a paper a good fit for the JFE:

Importance of introduction

There is a limited referee pool and the referees have limited time. You got to catch the editors attention so they can give it to good referees. Toni reads the introductions from start to end, look at the methodology section, and some tables. If she doesn’t know the topic she asks for advice. JFE gets around 1800 papers per year, and the editor reads around 3 papers per day, so you really need to catch the editor’s attention.

In the end what tips a paper towards rejection is the quality of the ideas. Did you explain to the editor why anyone besides you and the referees should be interested in the paper? This can tip a paper one way or the other. If a paper has some executional issues, but has convinced everyone that it is interesting, we let them fix the issues. However, if a paper is perfectly executed but you have not convinced the editor then it typically tips the other way. The introduction is very important here, you should rewrite the introduction 5 to 6 times.

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Advice for junior scholars: